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Why not have an insect, or two?

Why not have an insect, or two?

Posted by Ernst-Jan Pfauth on November 20, 2009 at 4:30 pm

Marcel Dicke is an ecologist with a mission. He wants to spread the word that we all should starting to eat insects. We have a huge food problem waiting for us. There are more and more people in China and India that strive for the same eating pattern that we, westerners, have. Thus at some point, there would be no way to feed all those people. Even now, millions of people are starving.

Insects form the solution to that problem. They have the same important nutrients as cows, chicken, and pork. Yet there so much cheaper to produce. Already, all over the world, it’s normal to have insects. But in Europe and the United States, it doesn’t really catch on. ,,It’s all in your mind”, said Dicke. ,,Insects are the shrimps of the land.” And you know what? We already have 500 grams of insects each year. They’re in our tomato soup, peanut butter, and chocolate! So what’s stopping us? Why not enjoying one the fine insect cuisine creations that Bugs Organic Food made?

Luyendijk gave it a shot: Kijk voor de complete rapportage op:

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